Sunday, November 6, 2011


Heavenly Father,

Draw us closer to you as we process through the pains of our past...and the pains that continue to burden us today.  Open our eyes.  Show us, in your gentle way, the dreams we need to let go of, the parts we are still denying, the ways we are compensating - yet hurting ourselves, and perhaps even others - at the same time.  Help us to acknowledge the sad facts of what has happened in our lives, shedding your light on the truth, so that we may let go of it and reach - with open arms - for the greatness you have in store for us.

Teach us how to walk towards wholeness.  Hold us close as we see the wrong-thinking, the abuses, the way we've been hurt and the ways we've hurt others...  As we begin to see clearly, equip us with the tools to break free from the bad and walk with confidence towards wholeness -- towards your perfect plan for our lives.  As we make tough decisions, as we repent, as we feel our eyes in order that we will notice the BLESSINGS.  For you are a great God, our redeemer, the one true healer, the maker of all miracles.  Today, help us to count the ways in which we are richly blessed, deeply loved, forever counted and belonging to you.  I praise you for all that you are....for how you've taken this messed-up orphan and provided a family and a purpose for my life.

In Jesus' name,

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Just Be Real said...

Awesome prayer...... Blessings...